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We Have Arrived In Montone

A Short Delay
After a 39 hour trip from Melbourne we finally arrived in Montone. The only hiccup was a cancelled train in Rome so we had to wait another 2 hours at Roma Termini for the next train. The downside of this is that there are 5000 people waiting for trains and only about 20 seats. Oh well!

We met up with our friends Jill & Bevan and Allison & Luke for welcome drinks and great pizza’s made by Jill. A reasonably early first night.

L to R: Jill, Luke, Allison, Rob & Bevan

A Disco To Start The Week
On Saturday night there was a disco in the Piazza and a great chance to meet all our old Montonese friends. It certainly didn’t take long to get into the swing of it and party till 1:00 AM.

Too much great food, a moderate amount of alcohol??? and lot’s of dancing left us with sore heads the next morning and a very slow start to the day. During the disco we met up with an old friend from Montone, Ivan, who is in the Italian Military. He was having a party at his villa on Sunday Night and he kindly invited the six of us to attend.

The Disco Continues…..
Ivan lives on the opposite side of the valley to Montone and with detailed directions on how to get there we arrived to find a beautiful Agri Tourism Villa complete with swimming pool and views over Montone. Much to our surprise the DJ from the previous night with all his disco equipment was set up by the swimming pool.

Ivan and his Mum served up the most delicious meal of a whole roasted pig, salads, melon, prosciutto and traditional Italian foods. Another great night.

Presentation Of The Princesses
We returned to Montone just in time to see the official opening of the Santa Spina Festival. This festival runs all week and is our main reason for returning to Montone. It is a great medieval festival which takes place in Montone, the “Castle Of The Ram”. The three wards in Montone, Porta del Borgo, Porta del Verziere and Porta del Monte challenge each other reproposing scenes of medieval life and tournaments in order to conquer the “Palio” (The Prize).

The opening consists of official speeches and the presentation of each Ward or Quarters Princesses. A Medieval fanfare complete with authentic costumes, drums, trumpets and lots of fanfare.



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